Getting paid when you want to get paid..!

If you can take out some 10 minutes of your time to read this page (which has no redirects anywhere I swear! ).. You will find yourself making close to a couple of dollars a day in a week's time.




If it is No, have an amazing time online... Ciao! 


And if it is a Yes, (good choice!)  you will need following thigs to get started.

  • Internet Connection (greater than 128 kbps is a plus)
  • Good English writing skills
  • A pinch of patience!
  • Typing speed above 50 wpm is a plus plus!


I was just in your shoes when I was hunting for various options online to support my montly income. I tried "this" scheme and "the other".. thinking that it will get me where I wanted to be!

Doing so, I joined many websites and started "investing" my time on them. 


But, to my surprise, which I realized lately... I was missing FOCUS.

From the websites I joined in the past, there was a website which actually paid me in my bank account! The payout was from a range of $5 - $25 (yes, I am a lazy and impatient person! )


What this website expected from me?

  • provide genuine thoughts in the form of comment on blogs/forums
  • be clear and concise in my english language
  • PayPal account


In an average, I was spending an hour a day and getting some $1.24 a day. 


You can also go for it by this link : Paid Forum Posting


I know these are not the latest, but here are my earning from the website. (Remember: I am lazy person!)